Sunday, September 16, 2007

Northern (High) Lights

Recently, I took a trip with my sister to Canada to do a little shopping, eating and relaxing. The US dollar is so weak, that our initial idea to go to Europe was pretty much thrown out the window. Canada offered a better exchange rate (although at 1 to 1, the Canadian dollar is at its strongest against the US one too), a less than 2 hour flight, and no jet lag.

We enjoyed shopping in Montreal and enjoying the food and architecture of Quebec. Then, I had a day to kill in Toronto before meeting up with my husband. I hadn't been able to get my roots touched up with a fresh set of highlights and hoped I could get it done in Toronto. Who did I call for advice on a salon? My favorite Canadian beauty bloggers/podcasters: Lipgloss & Laptops. Kerry Anne replied to my query super-fast, even getting her pals in Toronto to help guide my selection. Thanks Kerry Anne!

Unfortunately ,I got to Toronto late and didn't get to book an appointment at my first choice, an Aveda salon. Next choice had been recommended by several of Kerry Anne's friends - called Coupe Bizarre. With a name that translates to something like "Bizarre Haircut", I had to check the place out in person.

image from Montreal Mirror

I admit it: I was scared off by the asymetrical cuts, chunky striped highlights and a pervading aesthetic of tattoos and piercings. Have you ever noticed that Canadian gals are more adventurous in their hairstyles? It's true, it's like everyone is a rock star. Before you think me too straight-laced, know this: I do have a tattoo! But I also work in corporate America and have a preppy side, so an avante-garde look just in time for 4 romantic days away with my husband was not going to work.

So what's a girl with 1-inch roots to do? I decided that my highlights were already too bleached out and I'd be putting in some lowlights at my next salon visit. I had a brainstorm while walking through Shopper's Drug Mart (a much nicer store than the name suggests, even carrying luxury brands...). I would get a color-depositing glaze to tone down my highlights for the week in question.

I purchased Clairol's Color Boosting Glaze in #8, For Medium to Dark Blonde Hair. Back at the hotel, I followed the directions very faithfully, first dampening my hair, then saturating it with the glaze. I let it sit 5 minutes, then rinsed it out. Then, I added the ColorSeal Conditioning Gloss, let that sit for 2 minutes, then rinsed it out.

Unfortunately, when I tried to dry my hair, it was really gummy! There should be a shampooing step somewhere - because water alone (especially with less-than-great water pressure) didn't seem to get it all out. I hopped back in the shower and shampooed. I probably compromised the glaze, much like you're not supposed to wash your hair after a perm. But c'mon, I couldn't walk around the city looking liked I'd poured baby oil all over my head.

After the second wash and dry, I have to say - it did its job. The Color Boosting Glaze is NOT recommended for highlights, actually... but since I wanted it to tone down my highlights and achieve a more homogenous hair color, it was perfect.

A week after I got home, I went to my Old Faithful salon, where I got fresh highlights, fall-appropriate low-lights, and a just-edgy-enough-for-suburbia version of the bob. Kinda like Posh Spice meets the Stepford Wives. And I'm quite happy about it!


At 11:48 PM, Blogger Kerry Anne said...

Glad you had a great trip. Better safe than sorry with the hair. I've also got about an inch of roots right now.
That product you used sounds like it would also be a bust on my fine hair. Gummy? Yuck.

At 11:04 AM, Blogger marykate said...

Hey Beauty Chick! I must ask: what is your Old Faithful salon? I head downtown to Arrojo -- love that they can do the edgier styles as well as the more polished, conservative ones (mine).

At 8:45 PM, Anonymous teeyai555 said...

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At 4:18 PM, Blogger Bionic Beauty said...

Nice post! It's always an adventure trying to find a salon while you're traveling. It can be fun, but it could be a disaster as well. Sounds like it all worked out for the best!

Bionic Beauty

At 8:42 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

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