Sunday, May 13, 2007

Mother's Day Makeover

Today, I celebrated Mother's Day with my wonderful Mom. She's funny, caring and creative. We have tons in common. But although she may share my passion for beauty products, she doesn't treat herself enough. So this year, my sister and I decided to give her a beauty upgrade.

First, we selected a variety of luxurious department-store beauty products. Every part of the face was covered: For face, we had foundation, concealer & powder. For eyes, there was eyeliner, mascara & eye shadow. And for a dash of color, we offered blush, lipstick and a lip brush. Even the skin was pampered with exfoliant, makeup remover and hand cream. Each item was wrapped separately for maximum present-opening effect.

But the ultimate gift was yet to come. She's a fan of home decorating makeover shows, like Trading Spaces and While You Were Out. My Dad calls them "Scream Shows" because everyone screams at their newly designed room at the big reveal. We wanted to give my mom a mini-scream of her own by organizing her bathroom.

First, we had a look at the baskets and drawers that house her various makeup items. Then, we tossed anything old, including glazed eye shadows, dried out mascaras and lipsticks so old you can't read the shade name. (You know you have these, too - so start spring cleaning!) Then, we tossed almost-new products with shades that are not flattering. For this category, you either have to give them away to friends (or swap them on Makeup Alley). Lastly, I cleaned out the dust and debris and packed away all the new products sorted by category. And the screaming? A little for each tossed-out old friend, but definitely a positive one for the end result.

Mom did her face this morning and looked as beautiful as always. But she had an extra bright smile thanks to the pampering experience that a beauty upgrade can provide.

Need some help getting your own bathroom organized? Follow these basic rules:
  1. If you bought it more than a year ago, toss it.
  2. If you last used it more than a year ago, toss it.
  3. Keep a second set of your most-used items in your purse, so you can avoid rushed mornings unpacking and repacking your cosmetic bag.
  4. If you don't know what shades work best on you, invest in a makeover at the makeup counter at your local department store. Have them write down everything they used on you, and go buy whatever you couldn't purchase the first day whenever you want to give yourself a little treat.
  5. Buy cosmetic organizers to sort and store your items. Separate items into skincare, hair, face makeup, eyes, lips and nails. Try The Container Store for some easy and affordable organizers, like those pictured above.


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