Wednesday, October 25, 2006

For The Beauty Addict-in-Training

I just discovered Club Libby Lu, an adorable store targeted at tween girls who are into fashion, beauty and being treated like a princess.

Naturally, I loved it immediately.

My favorite part? They have a Sparkle Spa - where you can create your own beauty products. How cool is this - you can make your own lip gloss! Take a pot of clear gloss, add drops of color and glitter, stir it up, and decorate the jar to make it your very own. I mean, that's totally awesome.

Other do-it-yourself spa treats include:

  • Soapy Sugar Scrup Sundae - Four flavors to choose from (strawberry, citrus, peppermint, and chocolate) complete with sprinkles you can add to your perfect sundae combo
  • Fruit Smoothie Mask - Five fruity-scented colors to mix and match
  • Kool Karma - A body spray or lotion that you can add glitter or beads to
  • Shimmery Sparkle Dust - Sparkle to add to your hair and body comes in colors representing luck, love, friendship and happiness
This is a super interactive birthday party idea (for girls who have gotten too cool for Build-A-Bear) because each girl gets to take home her own creations. OR, you can have "Fun, Funky Club Counselors" give the girls a "Libby Du makeover" complete with a "pink carpet" fashion show at the end.
If you can't get to the store to experience the magic of creating your own potions (locations listed here), they have great gifts you can give your favorite little princess. I got my 8-year-old niece a set of Pink Twinkle goodies (candy pink lip gloss, roll-on glitter and nail polish) and a tank-top and shorts set. They come in a cute shopping bag gift box. As a beauty addict-in-training, she loved it.


At 12:03 AM, Blogger Beauty Chick said...

Anyone else been to a store? Love to hear what the create-your-own experience or the birthday parties are really like!

At 10:21 PM, Blogger marykate said...

Grown-ups wishing for their own custom lip glosses can hit Not only can you pick the perfect color, but you can also select the finish you want (pearl, glitter, jelly, etc.), and the flavor! So your perfect pink can taste just like a Bellini, or a latte, or a meringue. Sensitive-skinned gals can opt for no fragrance, too. All this and it's only $26 -- not bad when you consider ready-to-wear glosses are approaching that price in Sephora. Happy glossing!


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