Wednesday, October 11, 2006

They've Done it Again

Remember my story on fragrances for TV shows? Desperate Housewives' Forbidden Fruit is still rather fresh in the market. But now the younger, fresher, perhaps even more twisted show "The O.C." is launching its own fragrance this month.

According to sources, The O.C. for Her is a fruity floral that captures the beachy spirit with exotic flowers like hibiscus and exotic fruits like guava, laid over a sexy base of amber and vanilla. The O.C. for Him evokes the beach with notes of ozone and sea spray, spicing it up with pepper, crisp citrus, alluring lavender and rose, and sensual woods. The fragrances will debut just in time for the show's fourth season, which starts Nov 2 on Fox.

Now, seriously folks - isn't this getting a little out of hand? Who is so obsessed with a TV show that they want to smell like it? Sorry to beat a dead horse, since I've already covered this topic... and don't even get me started on celebrity fragrances! Hilary Duff, anyone?!


At 10:10 PM, Blogger marykate said...

Beauty Chick, I am completely with you on this - please, please make celebrity and TV fragrances stop! (The only thing worse is celebrity fashion.)

The possible exception might be Sarah Jessica Parker's Lovely, because it's actually a pretty scent. But I'd still cringe at the thought of someone sighting a celebrity name in my bathroom.

Yes, celebrities are merely following fashion designers, who have successfully launched (or licensed) their own perfumes for years. Yet it seems rather declasse to spritz on some Eau de Primetime, no? I'll pass on this trend, thank you!

At 11:16 AM, Anonymous Erika said...

I agree with MaryKate that SJP's Lovely is lovely, but I just smelled the Desperate Housewives perfume yesterday, and didn't like it at all. It is so strange that consumers would actually buy a fragrance based on a television show!

At 4:14 AM, Blogger Victoria said...

I agree it's a little out of hand, yes. But living in the OC, I can't wait to try this one and send it to some friends. hehehe!


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