Friday, June 20, 2008

Mamma Mio, here I go again... my, my, how can I resist you?

What series on pregnancy products would be complete without mention of Mama Mio?

First of all, their tagline is "Skincare for Supermamas" - and who doesn't want to be a super mama?

Secondly, their products smell amazing. Their Gravida fragrance was designed not to offend pregnancy-sensitive noses, and I just love how the citrusy-floral notes smell without overpowering.
Third? The products are safe for "any time from pregnancy stage to pensionable age". Their "No Nasties" policy should put even the most sensitive-skinned mom's mind at ease.

Last and most important: they work. I used the Tummy Rub butter and found myself digging the very last drops out with my fingernail. It's super quenching, itch relieving and doens't leave you feeling greasy. Similarly, the Tummy Rub oil quenches skin and soaks right in after a shower. I didn't get any strech marks (whether that is luck, genetics or careful skincare, we'll never know, but I'm glad I used these to take care of my belly!). The Wonder-Full balm is also a must-have... you can use it from lips to fingertips to alleviate dryness and heal abused skin.

What else? You can also find Mama Mio products in use at top spas. While on a "babymoon" long weekend at the utterly-fabulous Little Palm Island in the Florida Keys, I had a delightful pregnancy massage at their Spa Terre. They carefully positioned my body to avoid pressure points and scrubbed, smoothed and de-stressed my muscles with an array of Mama Mio "Mama's Touch" spa products. Find a Mama Mio spa by searching here.