Wednesday, April 19, 2006

The Green Fairy

Absinthe is an intoxicating aperitif with a high percentage of alcohol (up to 72%) and oil of wormwood, among other herbs. This drink, with nicknames such as "La Fée Verte" (The Green Fairy) was surrounded by ceremony, mystery and a sense of danger - it is reported Van Gogh was under the influence when he cut off his ear. Other artists like Picasso, Manet and Degas painted pictures of zombie-like people drinking absinthe alone in cafes.

Absinthe is not legal in the US, but the beauty industry is now bringing us products that let us indulge in its unique herbal scent and mysterious reputation.

L’Artisan Parfumeur’s rich and woody "Fou D’Absinthe" Eau de Parfum will be released in mid-May. I was able to get a preview at Sniffapalooza this month. It has strong woody notes with something sharp in it - perhaps the prick of the fairy herself? I was so looking forward to sampling this scent, and was really disappointed not to like it! It's very masculine and quite strong... some complain of L'Artisan's staying power, but I couldn't even wash it off. That said, I wouldn't mind smelling it on a poet sitting in the shadowy back of a cafe, stirring a sugar cube into his milky green absinthe.

IUNX's No 3 L'Eau Ivre is an icy potion spiced up with green anise, absinthe and everlasting flowers. Apparently the Paris boutique is as lovely as the fragrances themselves and has become something of a tourist destination. Check out these mentions in Wallpaper* and the New York Times.

Absolument Absinthe is a unisex "skin perfume" that adapts to your own chemistry. Absinthe and cannabis (oh, to revel in the use of illicit substances!) are among the 51 fragrance notes contained in this green-tinged alchemist's concoction. I have to say, I love the bottle design, too!

Gobin Daudé Parfums' Biche dans L'Absinthe reportedly has leathery notes with artemesia (absinthe), immortelle flower, green hay, and tobacco leaf... I haven't smelled it, but the description certainly makes it sound fun: "A doe fuses in absinthe, princess of nature, quivering, wild and sensual, happily surrendered to the magic of foliage..." Sounds like someone should take a course in perfume-description-writing!

Lolita Lempicka's "Au Masculin" has top notes of aniseed, green ivy, rum, and absinthe. For the man whose heart lies in the depths of the forest.


Korres' Absinthe Brushless Shave Cream has absinthe extract, and is rich in essential oils and flavonoids to soothe skin and protect it from irritations.


Yves Saint Laurent Eye Shadow Quartet in #3 Absinthe Green

Zuzu Luxe is a vegan makeup line Made from pure minerals. They have an eyeshadow called Absinthe (a matte, warm yellow/green)


D.L. & Co's Absinthe candle has notes of star anise, grand wormwood and bergamot.

Jimmy Belasco: Jimmy's Absinthe candle blends notes of Lime Peel, Patchouli, Amber, Lavender and Sandalwood.

> Learn more about absinthe at the Virtual Absinthe Museum.


At 5:31 PM, Blogger Beauty Chick said...

Sadness! Apparently IUNX was shut down last month. I was really looking forward to trying it. Check ebay if you want to sample! Shiseido reportedly gave back all the IUNX rights to Olivia Giacobetti, so there might be hope that IUNX will reappear in a near future.

At 1:51 PM, Blogger Real Girl said...

Mmm. That YSL quartet is dreamy! This green-eyed girl might have to give it a look-see!! xx

At 11:50 PM, Blogger Shwapp said...

This article was...intoxicating! I loved it! especially the Eye Quad, it's soooo pretty! keep updating!

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At 8:08 PM, Blogger katiedid said...

The Belasco candle is indeed lovely, really great throw but without smelling "heavy." Unfortunately, the name is insanely misleading: it smells nothing at all like absinthe :( It's still a great candle, just not a very true absinthe aroma.

The Absolument Absinthe perfume is new to me - sounds terribly interesting. I rather like the bottle, too from the looks of that picture!

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At 4:25 AM, Anonymous judith said...

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