Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Baby Me!

Last year, CBS news recommended Love's Baby Soft as a Valentine's gift. They may have been right about the baby-fresh fragrance trend, but they were seriously decades off! Girls, run from any guy who gives you that vile, powdery stuff - or drop hints (a link to this page, perhaps?) so he can find a version as modern as you are.

Scents designed for or inspired by children are the perfect cure for a heady, sexy perfume hangover. Since they are meant to be light, they wear close to the body and are not terribly long-lasting. But it's always nice to get a burst of soap-and-water freshness when you reapply.

My first experience in this category was Tartine et Chocolat. I had the blue version, called Ptisenbon and found it super-fresh and comforting. The pink version is called Gransenlon and has notes including Orange, Lemon, Mint, Jasmine, Lily of the Valley, Honeysuckle, Musk, Oakmoss, and Amber. Alas, they're hard to find these days...

Many drugstores in New York carry Musti Eau de Soin by Mustela and you can also find it at Sephora. This is one of my summer favorites, but it's refreshing year-round. It's lemony and clean and makes me feel like I've had my bath and now it's time for beddy-bye.

Bvlgari's Petits et Mamans is available in an alcohol-free version, or you can get the longer-lasting version (with 5% alcohol). It has hints of baby powder and soft florals but some complain of a sour milk note (not the kind of baby smell we want...).

Philosophy's Baby Grace is for those who love the smell of clean baby skin. I love the solid perfume because you can just keep it in your makeup bag and refresh as desired. The package says, "If there is a place called heaven, it must smell like a baby." Who are we to disagree? (Notes: Poppy, Green Accord, Pink Mimosa, Pepper, Creamy White Woods, Musk)

Clean's "Baby Girl" scent is a delicious, baby-fresh scent for big girls with top notes of fresh lemons, cyclamen, orange, and Egyptian geranium, a middle-note of African violet, heliotrope, lavender, ylang-ylang, and cinnamon Ceylon, and a white musk and cedar base.

Child perfume is not a fragrance for children or one that makes you smell like a baby; rather this celeb-admired essence is said to drive men wild... so perhaps it's a fragrance for begetting children? They say it's a "concentrated blend of two floral essential oils"... and that's about as much as you can find out about the notes. Try it and let us know what you think.

Whenever you just want a fresh, inoffensive fragrance to wear to the office or a cozy, Sunday afternoon scent, just pick up these bottled memories and release your inner child with a spritz or two.


At 3:04 PM, Blogger Beauty Chick said...

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At 12:29 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

hey thanks for your comment on my post! i have tried givenchy's ptisenbon a while back and the fragrance smells totally vulgar on me ='(

but i dont detect any "sour milk note" in my bvlgari's petits et mamans... it smells absolutely divine hehehe!

hey i wanna try Guerlain's petits though... have you tried it? any good?

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