Thursday, September 04, 2008

Volume Control

A few months after having a baby, I'm glad that my body is starting to get back to normal. But unfortunately, that means my hair is, too. When you're pregnant, your body doesn't shed the usual 100 hairs a day. That's why pregnant women often have thick, luscious locks. Sadly, the benefits don't last: a few months post-partum, your hormones change and tell those hangers-on that it's time to go. Result? Clogged drains, thinner feeling hair and baby fine wisps at the forehead. Even celebrities aren't exempt - rumor has it that Katie Holmes' bangs were an effort to camouflage postpartum hair loss.

While you're waiting for your hair to return to a normal state (6-12 months after the baby's arrival), you can experiment with different hairstyles and styling products. I got a trim, snipped some forehead-skimming bangs and discovered the John Frieda Luxurious Volume line.

The launch of these products came just in time to solve my tress distress! The shampoo, conditioner and trio of styling products work together to boost volume in 3 dimensions: fullness, thickness and lift. Basically, they attack the three causes of flat hair - fewer hairs per square inch, thin strands and hair that won't stand up at the root.

So, I put it to the test. The Full Splendor shampoo and conditioner clean well, rinse cleanly and strengthen hair without weighing it down, leaving it ready for styling. Sorry to break it to you, friends, but no matter what products you use, you can't get the full volume effect without putting a little effort into your blow-out.

The Bountiful Body Mousse really preps the hair by giving it lift at the root and making strands feel thicker - just run a dollop through damp hair. Then spray the roots in front and at the crown with the Lavish Lift Root Booster - this helps to help wimpy strands stand tall and protects against heat damage while you blow dry. Dry hair in sections holding it away from the scalp - and voila! Serious volume, no kidding around. To make the look last, blast it with the All-Out Hold hairspray. It has humidity protection to ensure that a spritz or sprinkle won't undo your do. And it really holds: it held my bangs in place through numerous downward-facing-dogs in yoga class. Final bonus? The whole Luxurious Volume line smells yummy and costs only $6.50 per product; find them at mass retailers.

It definitely felt good to have a good hair day - and have products that help keep the baby-fine hairstyle on the baby, where it belongs!